What can be done for a 14 year old girl with VERY uneven breast?

I understand it's normal to have slightly uneven breast but my right is probably 34 C, while my left is a 34 A. I'm only 14 & it worries me. Could I have surgery to even things out? I've been to the doctor yesterday & they told me I probably would have to have implants, but can somebody explain the sugary to me? I just want some information on it. Because this uneven breast thing needs to be fixed.

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Toronto Breast Augmentation

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You will need to wait until you're at least 18 to have surgery. The information you want needs to be conveyed in person as there is a lot of information to review. See a board certified PS in your area.


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UNEVEN breasts

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You should find a PS in your area and see them in person. The key here is the timing of the surgery. This is not something covered by insurance so be prepared for a relatively costly operation as you will probably need a lift on one side and an implant on the other or perhaps an implant bilaterally.

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Dear uneven:

You're doctor is correct that some amount of asymmetry is perfectly normal but the amount you describe is likely beyond that and more to the point if you're unhappy or uncomfortable with how things look - having a conversation about your options is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

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