Do I need braces or Invisalign? Do I need an expander? (Photos)

Hello, so I am getting a free consultation soon and I don't know what to expect. I have a little bit of and overbite and I have a bad gap. It bugs me so much because I hate my smile so much! When I was younger I use to suck my thumb. The orthodontist did say they needed to expand my upper jaw. I have no idea if I need bottom braces. I am just really nervous and want to have straight teeth for once. One last thing, is when I smile you can't see my bottom teeth much so I am getting worried.

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Braces or Invisalign?

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Your consultation will be a super easy visit. The doctor will just look in your mouth and give you an opinion about how he/she would treat your specific case. Based on your photos alone, it looks like you are a good candidate for either braces or Invisalign; however, photos are not enough to make that determination. They might also take x-rays at your first visit and maybe take some models of your teeth as well. 

By the way, you have a gorgeous smile that will only be enhanced by proper orthodontic treatment. Under no circumstances should bicuspid teeth be extracted in your case.

Also, it is very normal to only see upper teeth when a young person smiles. As you get older you will begin to see more and more of your lower teeth until when you're really old you mostly only see the lower front teeth when you smile. You have a beautiful and youthful smile.

Good luck!

Your smile

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You have a beautiful smile. Your teeth just need a little bit of repositioning to enhance it; and that can be done with either conventional braces or clear aligners like the invisalign. There is no need to be worried or apprehensive about it, as it will be easy for you to have the treatment done. We often see patients like you in our office and are able to transform their smiles.
Your final results will look awesome!

All the best,

Expansion with DNA Appliance will improve results

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You have a very narrow set back maxilla and dark buccal coridors.

I suggest starting with the DNA Appliance to orthopedicall grow your jaws.

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