Foot Fillers to Make Heels More Comfortable?

I read this on another website:

"Some surgeons inject silicone, an injectable filler or fat into the bottoms of the feet to create a sort of internal padded sole, which can ease some of the discomfort of stiletto wearing."

I know fat can be transferredto ease foot pain in those that have lost fat there. But do younger women actually come in asking for injections simply to make wearing heels more comfortable?

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Fat Transfer

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First I would see a podiatrist and have your feet fit for shoe liners with a viscoelastomer or gel substance for shock reduction.  This is much cheaper than surgery. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

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Some podiatrists are trained in using Sculptra to ease foot pain

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An "off label" use of Sculptra is to pad the sole.

You need to call about in your area to discover which podiatrist is familiar with the technique. In Fort Lauderdale we have several.

Dr. Mayl

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Nathan Mayl, MD (retired)
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