Are There Any Foods, Drinks or Drugs Which Can Trigger Hyperhidrosis?

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Foods which trigger hyperhydrosis

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A variety of foods and medications can promote excessive sweating including spicy foods, some antidepressants, pain killers, blood pressure pills and hormonal therapy.  Investigate your diet and medications prior to any treatments for excessive sweating.

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Foods May Trigger Hyperhidrosis

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There are foods that trigger excessive sweating and they are hot spicy foods - a list of foods will not help you - each patient will identify foods that trigger excessive sweating and avoid them altogether. Primary hyperhidrosis will occur whether you are eating these foods, drinking too much coffee or tea, eating too many peppers or spices and so on. Once you identify a food that triggers excessive sweating, take it off your list of foods that you eat. It is that simple. I have written 5 books about hyperhidrosis and have not found a good list to include in my books and therefore don't find it useful.

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