Food Sticks Between Teeth and Bite Discomfort?

hi all, am recently noticing that am having a bite discomfort after each meal and foo is starting to stuck between my front teeth so easily .. i floss once a day and i take a good oral hygine what is going on ?

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Food Sticks Between Teeth and Bite is Uncomfortable

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Have your dentist check 2 things: 1. How is your periodontal condition (bone and gums)? 2. How is your occlusal condition (the way your upper and lower teeth meet eachother)? It goes without saying that they should also check for decay &/or poor fillings or crowns in the teeth involved.

New York Dentist

Cavities between the teeth

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Teeth are supposed to touch each other. When there is no contact between the teeth then there is a space. This is where food gets caught. There can be multiple causes for the space occurring: 1) A filling has fallen out, 2) There is new decay causing a hole, 3) Bone loss due to gum disease and the teeth have move apart, 4) Poor bite relationship causing the teeth to wear away the contact or separate the teeth. Please see a dentist soon.

Ana Brightleaf, DMD
Santa Monica Dentist

Board Certified Periodontist

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You might have the start of periodontal disease you need an x-ray taken of the area and an evaluation.

Tamara Rojas, DMD
Hollywood Dentist

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