Hole under right breast? Two weeks post op (Photo)

It has been two weeks from surgery. I went to my post op one week after the surgery and when my doc removed the tape there was a small hole under my right breast. My doctor explained that that spot has high tension and it can happen. Went back today and the hole had gotten larger. he placed a few stitches but couldn't close the whole hole up. I'm going back in 5 days for him to see it again. I'm just so emotional about it. I feel like it will never heal...advice?? He doesn't seem too concerned..

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Delayed healing after a breast lift or reduction.

Thanks for the photos.  Have an area of wound separation in this area is not that unusual and it is always very worrisome for the patient.  In the vast majority of cases, these areas heal up and often leave very acceptable scars and require no treatment other than good wound care and time.  Sometime healing can take a while to get started but once it starts closing, it heals right up.  You and your surgeon are a team so keep all your appointment with him.  And please, please, please don't put anything on the wound unless recommended by your surgeon!

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Wound complications at the junction of incisions with mastopexies

are very common and assuming there is healthy tissue between that wound and your implant, you are fine and it will heal on its own.  Follow your surgeon's instructions and if you ever have any adverse changes such as a gush of fluid or actual further thinning of tissue, you must let your surgeon know.  So it will heal and be patient and try to minimize your anxiety over it.

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Delayed healing after breast lift

It is not uncommon to have an area at the base of the breast at the intersection point of the vertical and horizontal incisions that is slower to heal due to tension at the site. Keep the area as clean and dry as possible. The area will heal with more time. Continue to follow up with you surgeon and follow their instructions during the healing process. Best of luck! 

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It will heal

it just takes time. This is a very common thing that happens with anchor style lift scars. You are not the first one to deal with this and will not be the last. It will heal, listen to your surgeon, it just takes some time. 

Needs Treatment

The open area on your breast in an area of high tension is concerning.

Keep up with your doctors instructions on wound care as you do not want an infection spreading into the implants.  The area of non-healing appears superficial with the implant protected by your deeper tissues. 

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I am sorry you are having some difficulty with healing, but I can assure you that your doctor is quite concerned. This site, where two incisions meet, can have more challenges with healing, but it will heal. Please follow all your surgeon's advice about wound care, and keep all your follow up visits. The area does not appear infected and does appear fairly superficial.

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Delayed healing at the T zone

It can be common to have delayed healing at the T zone which is the point of maximal tension. Although anxiety provoking, there is no need to worry. Close follow up with your surgeon is important along with proper wound care.

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Dr. Ravi Somayazula

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Wound Healing Problems Following Augmentation/Mastopexy

Unfortunately it is relatively common to have wound healing issues following this surgery, in particular in the location you have it.  Your description of a small opening that has gotten a bit larger is also how they typically present.  I often close the area up if possible.  The area will heal with time with proper wound care.  The main worry is that the opening will allow for your implant to become infected so it is very important to follow-up with your doctor frequently and follow their instructions closely.  Good luck and I am sorry you are dealing with this!

Kelly Killeen, MD
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Mini dehiscence right breast at 2 weeks post op

also the entire breast looks distended.  If there is an implant particularly if it is in front of the muscle, the implant may become exposed and be rejected because of infection.  Or the implant may already be infected, particularly if  the swelling occurred after the procedure.  also if the right side is larger than the left side, the implant may be infected.  It could be advantageous to remove the implant to allow the dehisence to spontaneously heal and replace the implant later.  your surgeon will need to advise you what is best.

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