Post-op follow up visit protocol?

I'm wondering what the protocol is for follow-up visits. I had open rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago. I was told that unless I was having a problem, there was no need for follow-up and I was dissuaded from the appointment. The doctor hasn't seen my nose--I took the cast off myself after I returned home, 8 days after the operation. Is this normal? How do I know if I'm healing correctly? This seems irresponsible to me and I would like to hear if other doctors practice in the same manner.

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Post op

I take care of my patients and make sure they are seen post op so all of their questions and problems can be taken care of. My charge for surgery includes close follow up- if a patient doesn't want to be seen frequently, it is their is their right not to come in, but all of my patients have questions and I like to see them so I can answer them. I also think that the surgeon should be the one to remove the splint and deal with the early post op care.

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