Follow-up: should thick-skinned patients just give up on 3rd rhinoplasties? If I get surgery now, am I asking for disaster?

I've thick skin & am pretty sure I botched my surgery 3 months post op. 8 months after an injury that made the nose reswell, nose healed some, but I see that the sides of the nose are assymetrical, there is a disk of soft tissue (or else my ear college) around the implant/in tip, and the nose hangs down/is overprojected. Nose had shown final result when injured. Revision will require removing medpor tip graft. Nose is getting bigger due to daily edema 11 months post op.Surgeon refuses kenalog.

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Thick skin may pose challenges, but should not eliminate the possibility of revision

It is difficult to counsel you without the benefit of seeing and examining your nose.  So I can speak from general principles.  With thick skin, even in the revision setting, improved shape can be achieved by establishing good strong structural support that puts the nose into a proper proportion and shape, but one that is big enough to stretch the skin slightly so the form is visible externally.  A rhinoplasty surgeon experienced with revision and also with thick skin patients would be likely able to guide you. 

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