Uneven Breast 6 Months Post-op? (photo)

At first I thought of having my surgeon add 50 ccs to the right breast because I thought that by having the same amount of ccs on both breast I would be more symetrical but now , some surgeons on this site agree that the reason why my breast look uneven is due to the areola, At this point I dont know if I should seek revision from my sugeon or wait until I want to change my implants and go to someone else. would 50ccs make a difference.Please help!!

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Symmetry of breasts

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Asymmetry is the norm and trying to achieve perfect symmetry is impossible. Your breasts were different before with different areola heights and volume changes will not correct that.

Asymmetry post breast augmentation

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Thank you for your enquiry and your photographs. Clearly there is no substitution for a face to face consultation. The asymmetry you had preop is present postop, since breast augmentation will not significantly affect this since it is due to quite 'normal' asymmetric nipple positions, that most girls have to some degree. I'd advise to leave alone as the risk:benefit ratio with further attempted symmetrisation surgery is tipped against you. Perfection is not realistic and cannot be guaranteed.

Sultan Hassan, MD, FRCS(Plast)
London Plastic Surgeon

Breast symmetry 6 months post-op

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When you have a breast augmentation, what needs to be kept in mind is that it enhances what you started off with.  If you have asymmetry pre-operatively, you will have asymmetry post-operatively, sometimes the asymmetry is more obvious because its on larger breasts now.  From your photos, it looks like you have the same asymmetry you started off with but if it really bothers you, consider lifting your left areola up to try to match the right side.  I don't think a revision would be worth the cost & recovery because it looks like you have a nice result as long as they are soft.  Also remember, that no one has perfectly symmetrically breasts, everyone is a little different.  ac

Angela Champion, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Breasts uneven after augmentation, will 50cc help

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If your breasts are soft and otherwise well, the risk of a revision is probably not worth what the addition of 50cc will mean to your result. Best advice is to leave things as they are for the time being and let all heal.

Uneven breasts

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It is unlikely that additional volume will solve your asymmetry. You have different shaped breasts before surgery and the implants have made this asymmetry more visible becuase your breasts are larger.  

Overall, is seems that you have a very good result. Adjusting the nipple posiiton on the left side is an option, but it runs the risk of placing your nipple too high.  It is difficult to tell from the photos.  Your best bet is letting your body heal completely and then having an open discussion with your surgeon to go over options.


Best of luck!

Modest asymmetry of the breasts after augmentation probably should be left alone.

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Your breasts postoperatively are about his symmetrical is breasts can be. If they are soft I would encourage you to leave them alone.

Looks good...

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You have the same unevenness after surgery that you had before and it is very normal. I think you look very good and 50cc would really not be worth it in my opinion. I think you look very good...

Uneven Breast 6 Months Post-op?

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Asymmetry is noted but is minor. I might try a L-shaped lift on the left breast to get the N/A same heights. Than decide if additional fill is needed. 

Symmetry is the goal and the curse of plastic surgery

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Symmetry is the goal and the curse of plastic surgery.  A breast augmentation only gives you a bigger version of yourself.  It does nothing to correct asymmetry other than those of volume only.  At your 6 month photo, your inframammary crease are symmetric.  The primary difference is in nipple position and projection.  Neither of which can be corrected with implants alone.  My opinion is to accept a nice result with its minor imperfections and avoid additional scarring around the areolars for a relatively minor change. 

Causes for Uneven Breasts after Implant Augmentation

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Based on your picture, your breasts were uneven before surgery (which is common) so that is one reason why they are uneven after surgery. Without more information, it is difficult to give specific suggestions but I doubt 50cc will help. You may want to discuss changing the nipple/areola position with your surgeon. 

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