Follow-up to my first question about my revision otoplasty "Can this otoplasty be corrected?" (Photo)

These are two more photos of my ears.The doctor suggested that the upper half of the left ear should change shape and the two ears should go closer to the head.Do you agree that the upper part of the right ear should remain as is?Do you think that the result will be better than the current?Is there a danger of overcorrection?I would really appreciate your opinion

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Revision Otoplasty

I'll answer your questions directly.
1. The left upper pole has a pointed "shape" on lateral view. The right ear upper pole has a more natural rounded "shape." I would advise changing the "shape" of the left upper pole only. The left anti helical fold looks under developed. Recreating this fold with standard otoplasty techniques will bring he upper pole of the left ear closer to your head. Regarding the "shape" of the right ear, I wouldn't change it's shape; whether you would like the upper pole moved closer to the head is up to you. The mid ear of both sides would benefit from either a concha setback or a concha reduction to bring the mid portion closer to the head. 
2. I think you would get a better overall appearance. 
3. There is always a danger of over correction. That danger is more dependent on physician judgement/technique, but can depend upon healing factors. 

Hope that helps. 

Columbia Facial Plastic Surgeon

Follow-up to my first question about my revision otoplasty "Can this otoplasty be corrected?"

The new position of your ears should be decided on by you and not be dependent on the surgeon’s tastes, because you, not the surgeon, are the one that will see yourself daily in the mirror after the operation. Therefore, you have to be satisfied with the result, and not the surgeon. If you don’t have any personal preference, then I’d recommend that you have the upper part of your left ear pinned as closely to the head as is the case with the right ear, and additionally to have both ears pinned in the middle parts.

Waldemar Merck, MD
Germany Plastic Surgeon

Can this otoplasty be corrected?

When you went to your evaluation your plastic surgeon should have given you a couple of alternatives and demostrated and showed you perhaps with before and after pictures what you result could be and why which one is better, if he considered this technique was the best for you than and goes best with your structure than you should conider the posibility but also not leaving aside what you are looking for ultimately you should feel comfortable and confident with what you are having done.

Luis Suarez, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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