Looks As Though Double Bubble Has Now Formed? Why Do I Feel Lopsided (Heavier) on my Left Side?

1st & foremost, I would like to thank the Dr.'s who commented on my 1st ?. I saw my PS last wk and when explaining my concerns to him, he stopped me short and basically told me that I should be thankful that I have an implant, that my right breast will never look the same, and that he "didn't know what more to say." I have attached photos from b4 my initial aug. as well as b4 the reimplant of my R breast. Bras don't fit evenly, and I feel lopsided. It's very uncomfortable. Any advice??

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Lopsided after augmentation

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Your photos clearly show the concerns and it makes sense for you to expect more. The indented scar can be revised after a time and can do better. The lower heavier side might require a repair of the capsule, and a confirmation that the implant size is right for you, and the smaller higher implant might do better with an adjustment of the pocket as well. Your surgeon has told you he is not up the task of a fix and a second opinion is your next step.

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You Have A Double Bubble and Capsularptosis

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Capsularptosis is where your implant is too low.  This usually is associated with nipple pointing upward (star gazing).  You can see that your right breast has the nipple pointing down just a little too much.  This can be corrected by lowering the inframammary fold 5 mm or so.  Your left breast has a double bubble and no fullness in the upper quadrant, and the scar around the implant (the capsule) is definitely below the inframammary fold.  Your final picture shows the old fold indented, and an implant below it which is, by definition, a double bubble. 

Based on the comments you report from your plastic surgeon, I recommend you seek out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with experience in correcting capsularptosis.  The good news is that Atlanta probably has more great plastic surgeons per square inch than anywhere else in the country. 

I have my own technique for correcting a double bubble, and each plastic surgeon has his or her own techniques.  I would consult with several and choose the man or woman you are most comfortable with.  For the surgeon who has done over a hundred of these, it is not particularly difficult.  I use a periareolar incision and hedge my bet by using Reston foam just below the new inframammary crease. 

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