Do I need to follow up with my plastic surgeon to inform him I had an emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy 4 mths post op?

I had a vertical tummy tuck in July. I had some complications and had a surgery for a hemotoma. Then on Nov22, I had an emercency laparoscopic surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. Do I need to i nform my plastic surgeon of this or is it safe to just continue in recovery?

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Always share with your surgeon

Hi there-

While it seems unlikely that your unscheduled procedure will have affected your plastic surgery, I'm sure your surgeon will want to examine you and be sure that everything is still as it should be and your outcome remains beautiful.

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Notify your surgeon about emergency surgery

I think it would be prudent to contact your surgeon and explain the need for emergency surgery. Your surgeon may or may not want to see you.

Ronald Schuster, MD
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