Should I Have Follow Up Fraxel Laser Treatment for Lip Lines?

jan 2010 had fraxel restore to upper lip area. dr felt there would be 70% improvement. lines are still prominent, dr suggests another treatment later this year for further improvement. i'm undecided. the second charge is minimal. thank you

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You can have follow up fraxel treatments for lip lines

You can have follow up fraxel treatments for lip lines. Sometimes several Fraxel treatments are necessary to achieve the desired result.

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Fraxel restore for the upper lip lines

Upper lip vertical creases are from movement of the lip muscle. The same pathology of lines occurs at the Crow's feet of the outer eyelids. There Botox is the treatment of choice, but not in the lip as it would interfere with speaking, eating and drinking. The most aggressive resurfacing, such as: old fashioned deep chemical phenol peels, carbon dioxide laser and dermabrasion, would create smoother skin, but some extent of the lines do return after the wound heals and the muscle movement makes the skin crease like an accordion again.  Fraxel Restore would require mulitple treatments at high settings to effect some minimal improvement in those lines, and you would need Fraxel Repair (fractional carbon dioxide laser) to get slightly better improvement in the lip.

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