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Several doctors have wondered exactly what I had done. I went to the Doctor today and he told me I had a rhytidectomy. I do not have an incision under my chin, they are in front and behind my ears, and in my scalp. The doc said he did create a "sling". He said he did some lipo suction via those incisions. Today he injected me again with dilute steroid & chemo. I also had some ultra sound. He seems confident that the lumpiness and swelling will go away. My surgery was on 9/5/12.

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Necklift: scar

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hello cindyloohoo57  

Your necklift scars will lessen in appearance and mature over the course of a year from your surgery.  It is after this time that the true restorative effects of your necklift result will be apparent. #lumps #swelling

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Neck Lift Scarring Issues

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   The swelling after a neck lift may take a long time to resolve.  Rarely is everything healed by 3 months.  At 3 months, scars are just starting to soften.

Scar Tissue after Neck Lift Surgery

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You have some improvement in the appearance of your neck that seems to be mostly due to removal of skin.  Your later photos show a persistently deep submental crease and jowls.  In the future you could have a submental incision with release of the crease and the ligaments that help to create the jowl, which would provide an improved contour in the chin area.  

Michael Sundine, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Sling or Lipo May Be Causing Contour Irregularity

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Thank you for your question and for sharing your photos.  The description and before and afters are helpful.  In terms of your result, it appears that the procedure was quite effective in correcting your neck contour.  It is unclear exactly where the "steroid & chemo" were the scars or in the contour irregularities on the neck?   The contour irregularities on in the neck are most likely either from the liposuction performed on the neck or the "sling."  You still have significant swelling at 3 months postop and need to give it some more time.  You need to inquire about the sling.  Some surgeons refer to tightening of the neck platysma muscles as creating a sling with your own tissues.  Others use sutures, biologic implants and endotine absorbable devices to tighten the neck muscles further.  If you have a biological device, this may be the cause of the swelling and contour irregularity.  You should have a further discussion about this.  I would also recommend holding off on any more steroid injections as that can cause other additiona/ depresions and skin changes.   I am confident that your surgeon is capable and committed to addressing these issues.  Best wishes.

Neck and Facelift Problems post op

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Cindy: Your incisions lend me to believe you had a face lift with emphasis on the neck. If the surgeon specializes in face/neck lifts make another visit and ask specific questions about the procedure and their explanation for the problem. If you still feel you need another opinion, obtain a copy of your chart and consult a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon for an additional opinion.

Best wishes for you,

R W Maloney MD FACS

Richard W. Maloney, MD
Naples Facial Plastic Surgeon

Nek incision during a facelift and neck lift

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You appear to have obtained benefit from the facelift with respect to neck contour.

If after receiving your final result you still need additional rejuvenation of the neck, it may be wise to consider a neck lift through an incision underneath the chin.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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