Least Evasive Touch Up Surgery For C-Section Scar? (photo)

First thanks for all your responses. I would like the least evasive touch up surgery or whatever possible. I know after 3 sections and 45 years old I must be realistic. I want to have the best effectiveness less amount of downtime and cost. I truly don't think i need a tummy tuck. I have included a few more photos. Thanks for your responses. I am in no way vain but after 8 years I would love it gone. Best cost is important too. thanks

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Least Evasive Touch Up Surgery For C-Section Scar?

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Base4d on the posted photos I would recommend a scar revision of the scar as the most minimal invasive way to correct the issue. 

Least invasive treatment after C-section

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If the thickness and color of the Caesarean scar trouble you, then the least invasive treatment would be Kenalog injection to see if this can settle the scar down.  If this is ineffective, you could consider scar revision, either of the entire scar or serial excision (in stages) for an easier recuperation.  The former would be appropriate if the Caesarean was performed within the year as it can take that long for a scar to settle down completely.

Abdominal Scar Revision v. Tummy Tuck

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A tummy tuck addresses issues of skin , fat and muscles of the abdominal wall.  Your photos show beautiful definition of your muscles without separation (diastasis) and no excess fat.  A scar revision could tighten up any loose skin and lower the location of the scar. That sounds like  the best possibility for appearance.  If cost and convenience are higher priorities for you, then no surgery needs to be done.

Mary Lee Peters, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Best Option to Treat C-section Scar?

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Thank you for the pictures. Additional views including “diving position” (bent at waist)  would be helpful to determine the amount of redundant skin (if any) is above the C-section scar. In person examination would be even better.

Depending on how much redundant skin ( overhang) there is above the C-section scar, a skin only operation ( involving excision of the redundant skin)  and lowering of the C-section scar may be the best option.

Again, precise advice would necessitate direct examination and a full communication of goals.

Best wishes.

Least invasive touch up for c-section scar

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From the appearance of your photos, your scar is somewhat dark, but you were fortunate not to have too much excess skin or fat.  Depending on when your last c-section was, the scar may fade by itself or with topical treatments like scar guard or silicone tape.  Surgery would probably not provide significant improvement and should not be considered until a year has passed since your c-section.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

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