Fluttering Sensation Years After Breast Implants

Had my implants x 3 yrs. Yesterday woke up and cleaned house. No problems. Then while driving my car felt a weird fluttering feeling when I would twist a certain way or move a certain way. Was better this a.m. but I still feel it every now and then. Scared.

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Fluttering Sensation Years After Breast Implants

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There are numerous potential explanations for the findings including cardiac, seroma, exercise, supplements, etc that could potentially cause the above sumptoms. 

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Flutter of chest?

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Flutters in the chest if that is the correct term often refers to heart beat irregularities and if so you should see a cardiologist.  If the implant is rubbing funny you should see your surgeon.

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Fluttering Chest Feeling is NOT related to Breast Implants

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Don't be scared. Having performed hundreds of breast Augmentations I have never come across complaints of fluttering feeling three years after the surgery. While certain sounds are common in the first few weeks and some patients report strange skin sensations sometimes with nerve regeneration in the months after surgery, the fluttering you describe is not seen with implants.

It does however describe the feelings sometimes seen in people when their hearts race a certain way and may be associated with anxiety, stress, caffeine and certain medications. The best way to evaluate it is to see a Cardiologist. He/she will perform a thorough examination and an EKG and may even order a holter monitor which will record your heart for 12-24 hours looking for these episodes. If it is found it can be readily treated.

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