Fluid Pocket, Burning Sensation, 2 Weeks After Smart Lipo

Im 13 days after smartlipo in my abs, flanks and axila/bra area and 5 days ago I developed a big wavy pocket next to my belly button the size of a cd, when I put the binder I had this burning sensation, it was drained out at the doctors but it came back yesterday, not as big but giving an awful look to my stomach, why is this happening? I have very painful lumps on the bra area and wearing no spanx but no fluid there.

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Continue to see your doctor until this resolves.

This may be a seroma which is a pocket of fluid that sometimes occurs following liposuction.  If you doctor is  a skilled and experience in performing many cases of liposuction and SmartLipo, he/she will know what to do for you.

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Fluid Pocket, Burning Sensation, 2 Weeks After Smart Lipo

This is a very rare complication following Smart Lipo. Seroma formation needs aggressive aspiration or even insertion of a drain to help correct. I also advise my patients to stop the compression. I see this more with VASER lipo than Smart Lipo. Did you have a VASER component also? Best of luck. 

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You have a small seroma that is having trouble healing.  Your doctor needs to continue to monitor this and this will delay healing, but if you are compliant, the results should not be compromised.

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