Fluid in the Breast 9 Days Post Op? (photo)

I had my breast reduction on May 17 today makes it 9 days but i am fill with fluid and there are no opening healing pretty well . Eventhough i am healing pretty well i can still feel like water in my breast shaking up, and where is the yellow fluid coming from, is that normal?

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Fluid in breast after reduction

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It is very common to have fluid in the breasts after reduction.  As long as the breasts are soft, and as long as you do not have fever or other signs of infection, the mere presence of the fluid is of no concern.  You may have some leakage through basically intact wounds for up to two weeks.


Things should slowly improve, and ultimately all the fluid will disappear.


It looks like you had a good result.

Fluid in breasts

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At 9 days you may feel a bit of  fluid after breast surgery. Often this fluid gets absorbed. If it does not, it may need to be aspirated

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