Fluid from Rhinoplasty Infection is Not Draining. Where Will It Come out From?

I had a closed Asian rhinoplasty with silicone implant + tiplasty + alar reduction 20 days ago. Developed an infection at the incision site that spread and caused nasal bridge to swell. He drained a little from the incision site, but the liquid on the nasal bridge didn't drain when he push on it. He says that's bad, but will let gravity drain it. If we force it, it may spread. Does this sound right? Where will it come out from? I'm on ciprofloxacin until results come back from the culture.

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Fluid around a nasal implant

If you had an infection following nasal surgery where implants were used and now have fluid around a nasal implant, this needs to be drained and cultured; antibiotics should be started as well. It the fluid continues to reaccumulate despite receiving antibiotics, the implant will need to be removed.

An infected nasal implant can become a serious problem resulting in significant deformity if left untreated. You need close follow-up by your surgeon.

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Infection after Asian rhinoplasty should be treated promptly and agressively.

Fortunately, infection after Asian rhinoplasty is uncommon, but when it happens, it can be very troublesome.

If you discover very early, aggressive wound care and antibiotic treatment may resolve the problem. However, if this fails, you have no choice but to remove the implant until the infection is completely resolved. 

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Post operative infection following augmentation rhinoplasty


I am sorry that you are having problems following your rhinoplasty.  I recommend obtaining cultures from the drainage and your surgeon can tailor the antibiotic therapy accordingly with the cultures.  If the infection does not resolve, I recommend removing the silastic implant and replacing with a graft from your own tissue.  I like usin cartilage from the ear, nasal septum or from the ribs.  Good luck and take care.

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Fluid from Rhinoplasty Infection is Not Draining. Where Will It Come out From?

Developing an infection after silicone augmentation is unlucky. An early stage infection may result in the seeding of the implant with bacteria and a subsequent chronic infection. At this point, treatment with a broad-spectrum antibiotic pending the results of the culture is the standard of care. Be aware of your symptoms so if an infection starts up, you know to seek treatment: late stage treatments are not unheard of.

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