I have fluid buildup from a tummy-tuck!

yet instead I am going back Tuesday for more possible drainage. Currently I have extra compression (washcloth) under my garment and have followed instructions to the "T", and it feels like a big setback. Today is week three (3) and I should be on the road to recovery,. Any hints or anything I can do?

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Fluid buildup post tummy

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This can happen and may require several office visits to have it aspirated.Once in  a while you have to open it up and place a drain but this is not the case the majority of the time.

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Seroma after tummy tuck

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Persistent fluid accumulation after a tummy tuck can occasionally occur.  Serial in-office drainages with a syringe is my preferred treatment.  Some surgeons prefer replacement of a drain which is also a good option.  I also advise my patients to wear their compression garments until the fluid accumulation resolves.  This will eventually resolve in my experience.  Good luck and be safe.

John Nguyen, MD, FACS
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Stromatolites after an abdominoplasty

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  • Thanks for the question.  It is certainly possible to have some remnants of abdominal fluid after three weeks following an abdominoplasty .  Either limited aspirations through the skin or reinsertion of a othe drain would be recommended. Follow the advice of your local Plastic Surgeon for this guidance.
Good luck to you.

Frank Rieger M.D.  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


May need new drain

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In patients that have prolonged drainage, sometime replacing a drain may be the answer to get the fluid to subside. Also injecting tetracycline into the pecked can help the tissue to stick down. We see this. 
Good luck,
Dr T

Scott Tucker, MD
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