Fluid Build Up?

ive had 5 hernia repairs in the last 3 years which the last one was Ventral hernia that was very large. I had it done by a plastic surgeon who also did my tummy tuck. I had so many complications with fluid building up and many drains even months after my surgery. I had the last surgery in April 2012 which i had 2 drains in for a month after. Im always having pain in my abdominal area and tons of swelling. My ct scan recently shows another fluid pocket. Why do i keep building up fluid???

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All empty spaces will fill up with fluid until there is healing and collapse of the space. It sounds like there was some extensive surgery that was necessary

New York Plastic Surgeon

Seroma After Tummy Tuck and Hernia Repair

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  Seromas may be drained several times until resolution.  Sclerosants may help the seroma cavity heal and seal off.   Long term rinds may have to be excised.

Fluid Build Up? Consider sclerosis

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When the fluid remains undrained for a long period of time, a wall of scar tissue can build around it and prevent resolution of the problem. Sometimes these can be treated by sclerosis--injection of a liquid that irritates the linings and encourage them to stick together. Ask your surgeon. In my community this is usually done by interventional radiologists. Thanks for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Recurrent Seroma

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Severe fibrosis, "Hard Tissue "  is expected  after several  surgeries on the Abdominal Wall , // It can be possible that you have  the so called "Recurrent  Seroma" , (The Fluid Pocket) //  .  This is something you should discuss with your PS . A surgical solution could be offered in order.

Hope you feel better very soon

  Dr. Vega    /   Tijuana, Mexico



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