Fluid Build-up After Smart Lipo?

After Smart Lipo (I'm now 2 weeks post-op), I continue to have fluid buildup in my arms. I've had them drained (at least 4 drainages), but would like information on why this happens, and what are the best treatments for this? Is this normal? I am feeling very frustrated. Thanks for the answer.

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Fluid build-up after Smart Lipo is not common

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Unfortunately, what you are experiencing is a very uncommon complication. I am wondering if the doctor who performed your procedure suctioned out the melted fat after performing the Smartlipo. If not, you may be having a reaction to the retained devitalized fat. Normally during the Smartlipo procedure, the fat is melted with the laser and the traditional liposuction is performed to suction out the melted fat.

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