Fluid Build Up After Fat Transfer to the Buttocks 7 Months Ago. Is This Normal?

I had fat transfer to the buttocks 7 months ago. My results are great but my upper back legs keep building fluid where I have to have them drained every 3 weeks. This is my 4 th time. It started as much as 1 liter in my right leg and 300ml in my left. Those numbers has decreased but at least 200ml is being drained. The 16 doctors at the practice say they never seen this and I am starting to get discouraged that the fluid will never go away. Please advise what do I do is this normal?

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Seroma for 7 months......

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Seromas are the most common complication of liposuction.  However, in 15 years of practice and thousands of liposuction cases, I have never seen anyone drain for that long.  I think the best thing to do is insert a drain.  In my opinion, I wouldn't wait that long between draining procedures.  We want the pocket to get smaller and close up.  If you are waiting that long between drainings, you are just allowing the pressure of the fluid to re-open the pocket and prevent it from getting smaller.  I would insert a drain (or drains) and leave it in as long as necessary to allow the pocket to close up around it.  This may or may not be successful and you may need to have surgery to debride (clean out) the pocket.  When you have a fluid collection for that long, you often build up a layer of scar tissue lining the cavity that needs to be removed. Once removed, the cavity walls can then stick together and seal shut. 
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