Fluid Around my Breast Implants Reoccur?

I had reconstruction surgery on 1/5/2011 and the expanders replaced on 08/2011 with 850 silicone implants. Around december I had fluid around the let implant and my PS gave me some antibiotic and told me to leave on a sports bra 24 hours a day for the next week or two and the fluid went away. I just recently joined a gym and know that i can't work out my chest so i joined a spin class. I did 4 classes in two weeks and now I have fluid on my left implant again. Any idea why?

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This situation should be re-evaluated by your plastic surgeon.   Ultrasound can be used to look at the implant and the surround tissues.  This may give some clues as to why it keeps happening.  It should be looked at again though. 

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