Is It Normal to Feel Fluid Ander the Skin One-two Days After Smartlipo?

I can actually feel and hear the fluid as I touch the area. There´s as been no leaking from the "holes". Will this disaeper with time or is it possible that i need some type of draining? Area: Belly

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Fluid from lipo

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When you undergo lipo, either smart or otherwise, the surgeon injects a large amount of fluid under the skin.  Some of that fluid is suctioned out, some is absorbed, and some drains during the day after surgery. If your are several days out from surgery and have a fluid collection under the skin your surgeon might want to draw it off with a needle.  Or he or she might just wait to see if it resorts.  But I would draw it off.

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Call your surgeon

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Most fluid collections following liposuction go away on their own, but large ones need to be drained. Most patients drain for a few days after liposuction and you say you aren't, so I would have your doctor take a look just to be sure things are progressing as expected.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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