Large knot deep inside lower quadrant of right breast?

Called dr office today to ask for order for mammogram. Concerned about this knot. They said wait six months. Surfery was in July. Wait till January!? Seeing them next month but they did not suggest I come in or anything. Mom died of breast cancer. This doc did not even know i have, or had, a tracker in my breast. Signed, I once had large saggy breasts- now i have small saggy and now let's add lumpy breasts. :(

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"Knots" common after breast reduction

If I understand you correctly, you had a breast reduction 3 months ago and now feel a "knot" in the right breast.  It is common, almost expected, that you will have some areas that are firm for many months after breast reduction.  I assume that by "tracker" you mean that you had an area of concern that was marked with a metal clip during a previous biopsy or other evaluation.  Your surgeon would not have known that without you telling him/her.  It is possible that this "tracker" was removed during your reduction. 

Since you have extra concerns because of your family history and personal history, share this with your surgeon.  But I would not be concerned about waiting until your appointment a month from now. If it is really nagging you, ask that your surgeon call you personally or make an earlier appointment for an evaluation. 

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