I have insurance approval for a breast implant removal and capsulectomy. What is the least expensive way to replace them?

Having these implants removed is a medical necessity as they are silicon, leaking and 40 years old.One has a swollen lymph node too and both are hard and painful. Since I had ovarian cancer last year we don't have much money. How expensive would my part of the replacement be. They say it' s not breast cancer.

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Surgery Costs

The costs of surgery vary widely from one part of the country to another and even may vary within a specific city. The only way to get an answer to your question is to visit with several consultants, get an exam, and then you will have your answer. 

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There should only be additional charges for the implants

There is no way to tell it is not breast cancer before it is removed and examined by the pathologist.  The best move for you is to go to a University Hospital where they will bill the insurance for the removal and just bill you the implant.  Placing the implant in the space is the only difference between en bloc capsulectomy by itself and capsulectomy with remove and replace.  There should only be additional charges for the implants.

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