Does anyone have any before and after pictures using Sientra round textured implants?

My PS wants to use the textured ones since I am so small chested. Since they adhere better and I have no support on bottom, he thinks they will be the best option. I just cannot find any before and afters!

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Sientra Breast Implants Before and After Photos

I have many before and after images of Sientra breast implants on my website.  However, the implant is only one small piece of the puzzle when to come to the result you will achieve with your breast augmentation surgery.  In fact, I recently removed some of the details of each surgery like cc's of breast implants used. I learned that prospective patients were using the information as a "recipe".  When a surgeon used the same implants and the same size, but the patient didn't get the same result as the after images they originally viewed, they were disappointed.

An experienced plastic surgeon will select the ideal size and shape of the breast implant based on your goals and your build.  Bringing in "wish" photos to a consultation is less effective than finding several before and afters on the website of the plastic surgeon you would like to use with a patient who has a starting point similar to you with a result that is what you'd like to acheive. 

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Textured round sientra implants in small breasted woman

There is a patient here on my photo gallery who is "small chested" and has textured round Sientra implants.  The key with a patient who is small chested is carefully selecting the proper sized implant based on your breast dimensions.  A small breast often has a tight skin envelople.  If the breast is "loose" such as after pregnancy then a larger implant can be used and still look natural. When the breast is tight then you see the implant more and so an implant that is even a little too large can give an appearance that is overly round or with excessive bulging- board certfied plastic surgeons wlll typically  measure the width of the breast and the distance of the breast fold to the nipple with the skin on stretch.  These measurements together with the thickness of your breast tissue and the relative stretch of your skin are important in choosing an implant size and projection that will work for you and still appear natural.  Texture is another issue that is unrelated to being small or large chested and it is important to understand the tradeoffs: Pros with texture are less chance of lateral shifting of the implants with time- they are "grippier" so they won't slide as easily to the side.  Also Sientra has documented a lower risk of capsular contracture with their texture both above and below the muscle- they are the only implant company to show a lower risk of "capcon" when placed below the muscle.  Cons: may be more wrinkles with texture ( although Sientra's implants are more cohesive and have a different connection between the gel and the shell so this may be less of a problem) and texture can have a higher risk of "pseudocapsule" formation- if too grippy the tissue can tear away from the implant and cause a fluid collection- this is more of a problem with some company's implants than with others, and should be discussed with your surgeon.  This seems to be fairly rare in practice with the less agressively textured implant surface of the Sientra and Mentor implants.  I have personally been using more textured implants in many of my patients as we understand more about the tradeoffs.

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Sientra Round Textured Breast Implants

There are lots of examples of Sientra textured breast implants all over the internet. They are widely used and you would just have to ask any one surgeon to see them

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Anatomic shaped implants a good choice

I do not have any photographs posted but this implant is a good choice for a women with a narrow base width and wants to use anatomic shaped implants.  Would need to see photos to see if you are good candidate.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Sientra before and afters

It will be very difficult to see a difference visually with textured vs smooth implants. There is a photo set on my website (see link below.) It sounds like your surgeon is making a good recommendation.

Richard Baxter, MD
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