Yellow-grayish Crowns 3 Weeks Ago?

I saw the crowns before they were applied but the temp was ugly so I thought those look great! It was over the next 3 weeks that I noticed the color and that they are uncomfortable. My dentist offered to split the replacement cost with me. The lab won't redo for color alone, but I don't think he told them that they are uncomfortable also. These cost me $12.303. Any idea on what it would cost to replace 2 crowns (front teeth) then 2 crowns connected to a pontic and 3 crowns connected to a pontic.

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Grey crowns

If you do not like them ,they will be replaced free of charge until you are satisfied, you are the most important here, different lights can make crowns look different, you can get crowns starting at fourhundred.

Yellow-grayish Crowns 3 Weeks Ago

I assume that you approved the crowns prior to cementation.  Your dentist is giving you a fair deal.  I cannot quote you any fees without xrays and exam.

Murray Bruckel, DDS
Norwalk Dentist
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