Is It Worth Another Scar Revision in Breasts? (photo)

I had almost no breast before my surgery 6 years ago where I got 310cc cohesive gel implants. I love the size but 2 years ago I had a scar revision to rearrange and resize areolas with the same doctor. I'm not happy with the results. The scars are very noticeable, my breasts look saggy and I'm only 23. Is it possible to solve this with a minor scar revision? Should I change doctor? What procedure should I ask for?

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Is It Worth Another Scar Revision in Breasts?

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The type of lift you had can only lift a small amount and tends to flatten out the breast. You need at least a vertical lift, which will lift your nipple up about 3 cm and give your breast a much better shape. Go back to your PS and ask for an opinion and look at his pictures of this kind of lift. The previous surgery was performed correctly, it's just the limitations of this type of lift. Also the scars should be better with a vertical lift.

Vertical Lift

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Thank you for your question and photo! It looks like you would benefit from vertical breast lift.  Best of luck
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I think you need a vertical or lollipop type of lift to get your breasts to a place you want them to be

Poor areolar scar healing

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Hello Lolita91

It appears that you have had a circumareolar (donut) mastopexy wherein a larger circle is sewn to a the smaller areolar edge. This surgery will often produce stretched out scars like you have by whomever is performing the procedure. Scars heal the best when the skin edges that are sewn together are of the same length. This can be achieved by the "V-lift" or "lollipop lift" wherein a vertical scar is also created between the lower areolar edge and the lower breast fold. This also has the added benefit of decreasing the diameter of the areola and raising the nipple-areolar complex to a higher level. This would look really good on you as your implants appear to be in a great position. 
Best of luck. 

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Is it worth another scar revision

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Incisions from a donut lift can widen and stretch from the weight of the implants causing tension.  Your scars can be improved but you risk your breasts looking flat if you repeat the same procedure.  You may want to consider a vertical lift/lollipop lift.  I realize that's a new scar, but it would move your areola to a more central location and there will be less tension on the areola incision so it would be less likely to widen.  If you are happy with your results and can live with the scar if it wasn't as noticeable, perhaps consult with a medical tattoo artist and see if they could camouflage the scars a bit.  Think about what is most important to you and weigh the pros and cons and discuss the best options with your surgeon. It wouldn't hurt to get several opinions either. ac

Angela Champion, MD
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Unacceptable periareolar scar.

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If you are my patient I would encourage you to let me improve the appearance of the periareolar scar. It should look much better than this.

Scar revision in breast

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periareolar mastopexy scar usually widens . purse string suture at time of surgery minimize the  future widening. only periareolar pexy gives flattened look, addition of vertical pexy gives good projection.  breast is already operated twice so please discuss with your PS

Milan Doshi, MS, MCh
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Scar revision

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A scar revision may be possible but an exam in person is necessary to properly evaluate you.  Good luck.



Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Scar revision for peri-areolar scars is tricky

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This is a tricky scar to get 'perfect' after peri-areolar breast surgery. I do a few of these procedures per year, and always use a Gore Tex interlocking suture to take tension off of the peri-areolar skin closure. 

Revision augmentation for scars and areolar size

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Your breasts look good and the scars are fairly typical.  If you want a further lift you may want to consider a more formal mastopexy.  Further peri-areolar skin excision may lead to worse scarring and more breast flattening due to tension. Before considering any more surgery be sure to go over with your surgeon a comprehensive portfolio of pre- and post-op pictures so you can gauge the types of results that are reasonable to expect.

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