When Will the Rectangular Boob Go Away?

I got breast implants on june 25. I was a b and deflated saggy c. I had 475 & 500 cc high profile silicone implants under the muscle. When will the squarish look go away and give me nice looking boobs?

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Square look after a breast augmentation.

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You are still very early in the post operative period. Time, weight and gravity are on your side and should round out the implant.  Ask your plastic surgeon for specific exercises that you can do to help with the process.  Should take about 4 - 8 weeks for this to occur on its own.  

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Postoperative abnormal shape after breast augmentation will go away as swelling subsides.

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Without a photograph this is primarily a generalized answer. However swelling will persist in some form for several months after breast augmentation. Is more than likely explains boxy appearance of the breast.

When Will the Rectangular Boob Go Away?

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Without photos, preferably from both before and after surgery, I really don't know what you mean by rectangular or square looking breasts. I can say that at only 4-5 weeks, the implants can be expected to "drop" and fill in the lower poles. But without more info it isn't possible to offer useful suggestions.

Best wishes.

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