Two questions about upper blepharoplasty and bruising. How much bruising should I expect?

How much bruising should I expect with having a conservative skin removal in an insurance paid for upper blepharoplasty that is medically necessary? No muscle or fat is to be removed. How many days shall I expect the bruising to be gone? Thanks

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Two questions about upper blepharoplasty and bruising. How much bruising should I expect?

With a simple skin excision or removal there should be minimal bruising. It should resolve by 3-4 days............................Ice...........Ice.............Ice. Good luck

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Brusing post bleph

The brusing masy be minimal.I tell my patients to keep their heads elevated and ice on the eyes 24/7 the first 4 days.Sutures can come out in 5 days or so.

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Two questions about upper blepharoplasty and bruising. How much bruising should I expect?

Bruisibility is more based upon your own healing issues. Average days 7 days, but nothing in in stone

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thank you for your question.
#1 in general with a conservative skin only upper blepharoplasty you can expect your overall healing to be anywhere from 7-14 days.  The average would probably be somewhere around 10. 
#2 if you have sutures to be removed they will likely be removed 6-7 days after surgery.  In some cases older patients with other medical issues may have them removed a bit later
#3 it is a procedure that you can have performed either sedated or under local anesthesia quite easily.  Having it under local anesthesia may help he recover a bit faster in that you won't feel crummy right after the procedure.
#4 bruising after this procedure can be variable.  It can be almost nothing or it can be fairly dramatic in patient's who have been on aspirin or other blood thinners or simply tend to bruise more than others.  If you have very sensitive skin or bruise easily he can expect to have bruising lasting anywhere from 5-10 days.
#5 swelling is usually moderate and typically is mostly gone within a week.  The last let's say quarter of your swelling goes away more gradually over weeks to months.

Chase Lay, MD
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Bruising after blepharoplasty

Thank you for your question. It is very difficult to predict the amount of bruising you might expect following an  upper blepharoplasty or from surgery in general; it changes from patient to patient, depending on blood pressure, medical conditions of the patient, surgical handling of tissue, etc.

On average, patients tend  to be bruised for about 1 week, but there are wide variations.

Best of luck.

Andrea Marando

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Bruising and upper eyelid blepharoplasty

The amount of bruising with upper eyelid surgery is quite variable, even from one eyelid to the other.  Just expect to have bruising, which can move down into the lower eyelids.  It will clear with time.  If you are lucky you won't have any bruising. Make sure you get a list of medicines and vitamins from your doctor so you will know which things to stop pre-op.  

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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You should expect significant bruising with eyelid surgery.

A skin only blepharoplasty can still cause significant bruising.  The fact that a third party is paying for a portion of your surgery has absolutely not bearing on this.  Certain products and foods in your diet can profoundly increase your risk of bruising.  The surgeon will generally advise you what products to avoid for several weeks prior to surgery to reduct the risk of bruising. 

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Two questions about upper blepharoplasty and bruising. How much bruising should I expect?

This is a somewhat difficult question because every patient reacts and heals differently.  Generally, if you are an easy bruiser you should expect to have more significant bruising and swelling that takes longer to resolve--possibly 2 weeks or so.  You should speak to your plastic surgeon about their recommendations to reduce bruising and swelling.  I ask my patients to hold medications that can contribute to bruising (e.g. aspirin products, ibuprofen products, vitamin E, fish oil, etc) for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery. I also have them start Arnica montana orally (+/- topically) 1 week before surgery and continue until bruising is gone. Finally I ask them to keep their head elevated for the 1st week after surgery (especially prop up on extra pillows while sleeping) and do frequent cold compresses.  The eyelids are very thin and reactive to any "trauma"--in some patients even injections around the eyes will cause quite a reaction. Speak to your surgeon and get their regimen though. Good luck!

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Two questions about upper blepharoplasty and bruising. How much bruising should I expect?

It varies depending on the patient, the extent of dissection, the percent epinephrine used in the local and how meticulous the cauterization is performed. Usually about one to two weeks.   Best to you.

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Bruising after upper blepharoplasty

The amount of bruising and how long it lasts after blepharoplasty can vary between patients and also from one side to the other.  It is sometimes possible that there is little or no bruising but it is also possible to get more severe bruising that could last from days to a couple of weeks.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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