What is the Name/brand of the Most Effective, Safe Teeth Whitening System (Meaning Very White Outcome)?

I have somewhat white teeth and use Opalescence, yet it seems to cap out at a particular white level. I'm confused whitening systems...all claiming different benefits and methods such as lasers, lights, trays, brush-on pens, etc. If money was not an object, what is the name/brand of the most effective, safest teeth whitening system (meaning very white outcome)? Also, if there's something very comparable, less expensive what is the name/brand of that system? I am open to dentists or home kits.

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Great Teeth Whitening Product

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Hi-  we use and recommend Opalescense whitening products.  They offer great results, the whitening agent by iteself can be used in customized trays, and it has a desensitizing agent in it to make whitening more comfortable.  Of course, it's important to keep in mind that there are limits as to "how white" teeth can get, regardless of product.  Discussing this with your dentist will enable them to evaluate your teeth, and offer feedback as to the ideal attainable shade for you.

Really White Teeth

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I agree with the other two doctors that advised you to try Kor Whitening.  It is the most expensive but it will bring your teeth up as white as they will go!  If this is not white enough, your next step would be Veneers!

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

Best whitening

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Kor is best, I agree. Special custom trays are made in their lab. The bleach itself has an ingredient to decrease sensitvity. It really works even on very dark teeth.

Ana Brightleaf, DMD
Santa Monica Dentist

KöR Whitening is the best

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While it is more of an investment than other systems, it lasts longer and works better, so in the long run it is cheaper.  There really is no alternative.


Having said that, teeth can only get "so white".  If that STILL isn't white enough, then porcelain veneers is likely the next step.

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