Swelling/Puffiness After Upper Eyelid-Blepharoplasty-3 Questions?

I'm 53 and had upper eyelid lift about 16 days ago. I had fairly heavy bruising and swelling from the start. I still have marks on the upper cheeks which are slowly resolving. Is it common to have most of the swelling still remaining in the tear duct area (heaviest right in the duct--did not have fat pads removed) extending about 3/4 inches outward? If so, about how much longer shall I expect this swelling to leave? Is it typical for this area to be the last area to heal as far as swelling goes?

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Post-op Eyelid Bruising and Swelling

I tell all my patients that bruising following eyelid surgery may last 2-3 weeks on average.  However, there is great variability amongst patients.  Typically, the swelling and bruising begin to fade in the area of surgery first, but seem to drift downward below the actual area operated upon, due to gravity pulling the fluid and blood pigment downard through the tissues.  So if you had your upper eyelids operated upon a few weeks ago, then your upper eyelids would clear up around 1-3 weeks post-op, but the swelling and bruising would drift lower, below the area of surgery and take longer to recede from the areas below your eyes.  Maintaining head elevation, avoiding strenuous activity, taking Bromelain and Arnica (orally or topically on the skin) can all help speed the resolution of bruising and swelling.

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Swelling post upper lids

This is not unusual at all.The swelling will settle in the tear trougharea and heat and massage will help also vit K cream is a good help.

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