Can I Start Dieting During BBL Recovery?

My normal weight is 127lbs & I gained 7lbs for my BBL procedure. I'm unhappy at this weight/size & would like to get back within normal range asap...I know my butt will get smaller. I understand that exercise should be postponed for 3-6 weeks but what about dieting? I started dieting 3 days before my procedure & I'm about 1 week into recovery. Will this slow down my recovery? I'm eating fruits, veggies, & lean protein but in limited quantities. Is the reduction in calories ok while recovering?

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Can I Start Dieting During BBL Recovery?

     I typically do not recommend weight gain as patients tend to revert back to the previous weight.  It would definitely be better for recovery to heal without trying to tax your body further with the dieting.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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