Sensitve Teeth Preparation for Teeth Whitening?

I have somewhat sensitive teeth and want to know what I can do before I use my Opalescence to prepare for a good experience. I heard about things you put in trays, special toothpaste, ointment. Please let me know what works the best. Also, someone online said to put the whitener (not a lot) directly on the teeth (not in the tray), then, put the trays on and the whitener is less likely to get onto one's gums. Is this reccommended? Thanks!

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Sensitive Teeth and Bleaching

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Fluoridex toothpaste is a good product to use for 1-2 weeks prior bleaching to decrease sensitivity.  The combination of fluoride and potassium nitrate blocks tooth sensitivity issues.  Good luck! 

Kor bleaching is a newer bleaching technique that produces less tooth sensitivity that you might want to check out if your current system doesn't give you the desired results. 

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Sensitive Teeth Treatment for Whitening

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You might ask your dentist for a fluoride gel to place in your trays. This will help treat any sensitivity you might experience.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Sensitive teeth tip

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VASOLINE!! another great use of vasoline is to dilute the whitening agent a little by placing vasoline on outer layer of your teeth to help dampen the reaction. and you don't need to overload the tray. very important to not use too much whitening agent, just a TEARDROP!

hope you get a BRIGHTER SMILE

Robert Schulman, DMD, FACP
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Making Teeth Whitening Comfortable

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Great question!  During or after treatment, you may feel an increased level of sensitivity, which is normal and will subside. If the sensitivity is intolerable during treatment, check with your dentist about applying a desensitizing gel to alleviate the sensation.  For some patients, wearing at-home bleaching trays for a shorter amount of time (for example, several hours versus overnight) or utilizing a lesser "strength" of bleach can do the trick.  Good luck!

Jon G. Rischer, DDS
Columbia Dentist

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