How is scar revision done around the areola?

How is scar revision done around the areola? I had breast reduction and had wound openings around one nipple so I have thicker scars around it and it sticks out further than the other. I am hoping it can be cut out and re-stitched . Is this done in office with local anesthesia? Is it likely To pull apart like it did the 1st time? Is the recovery easier than the original surgery? I can't find any pictures of anyone who had this done.

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Areola scar revision

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Yes, it can often be done under local in the office setting in the right patient that can tolerate the injections. Best of luck.

Areolar scar revision

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It seems that you are describing a slightly hypertrophic scar that resulted from healing by secondary intention. This might only require a simple scar excision and re-closure which can be completed with local anesthesia. The downtime should be minimal and there should be little to no pain after the procedure. The chances of the incision opening up again is unlikely, unless you have a wound healing problem. 

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