Right and Left Eye Differences After Upper Blepharoplasty-Eyelid Lift?

I am 7 weeks from my surgery date. My camera phone is broken so unfortunately, I don't have a picture. My right eye is much tighter feeling than my left eye and looks smaller and more oval. The left eye feels more normal and appears rounder and more loose. Is there a possibility that the right eye is slow to heal and may catch up with the other eye even though I am 7 weeks out from surgery? Also, to begin with, I had very bad bruising and swelling after the operation. Thank you!

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Right and Left Eyelid Differences at 2 Months Postop

   The eyelids have still have asymmetric swelling at 2 months.  In addition, if you had lower eyelid surgery at the same time, canthal position may have been altered and may account for the size discrepancy.

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Assymetry to eyes

I would give it soem more time.You may try to massage the tighter eye to get it to loosen up which it will over time.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Eyes different after upper blepharoplasty

As you mentioned, it is difficult to give you advice without pictures.  It is not unusual, when surgery is done to both eyelids or even both sides of the face, that one side will heal slower than the other.  I can tell you that your appearance will still change with time, as you are only seven weeks after your upper blepharoplasty procedure.  Since you're concerned, my advice would be to return to your surgeon to be evaluated to see if he or she thinks you are healing on schedule.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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