After Bbl Surgery, is It Customary Not to Have a Real Shower Til at Least 7 Days After?

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Showering after Brazilian Butt Lift

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I usually recommend my patients shower 48 hours post op.  I would clear this with your surgeon but I would see no reason not to.

When to shower?

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Hygiene in the post operative period is very important. I typically recommend patients shower at 48 hrs post op. This typically allows for the wounds to seal and lessens the chance of wound related issues. I do recommend patients avoid bathing or submerging the incisions for at least 2 wks.

As always, discuss with your board certified plastic surgeon. 

When to Shower After Body Contouring

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I usually recommend waiting 48 hours after surgery to shower.  This give the incisions time to seal.  Every surgeon has a different protocol for different reasons.  You should follow your surgeon's recommendations.

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Brazilian Buttlift and No Shower for 7 Days

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   I allow my patients to shower as the drainage you will have from the procedure may be significant.  However, there are arguments to anything, and I would follow the advice of your plastic surgeon.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Brazilian Butt Lift & Showering

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Thank you for your questions. In our Atlanta office, we achieve desired Brazilan butt lift (BBL) results using our specialized technique via small incisions without drains. We normally advise patients to wait 24 hours after their surgery to shower. We advise patients to not take Bath or Swim for at least 2 weeks after their surgery, to allow enough time for the incisions to heal.  Our advice would be to discuss this with your Plastic Surgeon and determine why they do not want you to shower for 7 days.

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