Will my retainer break if I start wearing it again?

Over the course of 5 to 6 weeks I only wore my Invisalign retainer maybe 4 or 5 times. I recently have tried to start wearing it again but I think there is a crack in the front part in between the two top front teeth. I am afraid if I start wearing it again it will break and I will have to go to the Orthodontist to get a new one. I am afraid also because if I go to get a new one, the Orthodontist will notice that I didn't wear my retainer for a significant amount of time.

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It seems like your retainer doesn't fit anyway.

Sounds like you need to go see your orthodontist. My advice is to wear your new retainer as prescribed so that you don't find yourself in this situation again.  You're definitely destined to having continued relapse if you don't get a retainer that fits properly.  A retainer will help protect the investment that you made in improving your smile through Orthodontics.
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Hello there,
I would recommend that you begin wearing your retainer as directed. Not wearing your retainer will result in your teeth relapsing.  If you are concerned about the condition of your current retainer, see your orthodontist to have a new one made.  The best advice I can give is to be honest with your orthodontist so you can achieve the best results possible. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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Thank you for posting your question.  When retainers are not worn on a regular basis then the tendency for the teeth to relapse is high.  When teeth relapse then there is added pressure on the retainer and more likely to fracture as they are not meant to help move teeth.  They are meant to passively keep the teeth in place.  You will have to go to your orthodontist and he will give you options of what can be done.  I suggest being honest with your orthodontist so that you can get the best possible result.  

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