Do I qualify for a breast reduction and tummy tuck with lipo? (Photo)

I'm 52 and weigh 210 pounds which is stable. I have three grown children, great health, normal bp and glucose, no health problems and only medication is lexapro. My bra size is 42G, been large breasted always but very small body before pregnancies.

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You are a candidate, but check out your BMI and try to get it below 30 prior to thinking about surgery. 

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Breast Reduction

Thanks for submitting your photos. In my opinion a breast reduction would be a good decision for you. After the surgery you will have a  T scar downward.  The recovery procedure will be approximately 7-10 days. Please be noticed that before you do the procedure you need a mammogram and breast ultrasound. Please consult with a board certified surgeon. Kind Regards

Ozge Ergun, MD
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Breast reduction, abdominalplasty, liposuction - lipoabdominalplasty

thank you for posting the pictures.  looking at them, you will be a great candidate for a breast reduction and a lipoabdominalplasty. most patients who had been pregant also benefit from a fascial plication of the rectus muscles. this adds to a flat appearance of your tummy. intrabadominal fat though, will not be affected by the procedure. the only solution for that one means weight loss. combined procedures carry increased risks due to the length and the extent of the procedure (for example, DVT, PE, postop bleeding). your plastic surgeon will usually address these issues during your consultation. i hope this helped!best wishes

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Do I qualify for a breast reduction and tummy tuck with lipo?

Thank you for the question and pictures.  Based on your photographs, I think that you are close to being ready to proceed. In my practice, I would ask that you get closer to long-term stable weight prior to proceeding.
Generally speaking, always best to achieve long-term stable weight prior to proceeding with tummy tuck and breast surgery. Doing so, will increase the safety of the operation, will likely improve the outcome of the operation, and will decrease chances that additional surgery will become necessary subsequently. In my practice, I do not ask specific patients to achieve a specific weight prior to proceeding with tummy tuck surgery. I simply ask patients to achieve a long-term stable weight where he/she feels comfortable and does not expect significant fluctuation postoperatively. Also generally speaking, the “ideal” patient for "mommy makeover" surgery is one who has completed pregnancies, is psycho socially/emotionally/financially stable, has an excellent social support system surrounding him/her, is capable of arranging enough recovery time, does not smoke and (again) has reached a long-term stable weight. I hope this, and the attached link, helps.  Best wishes.

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Multiple procedures, some advices:

Thank you very much for sharing your concerns with us. For safety reasons, to be a good candidate for the procedures you want at the same time, your labs and cardiovascular preoperative evaluation must be optimal.
Therefore, you must be a healthy person, within an appropriate BMI and no history of diseases that increase the surgical / anesthetic risk degree.
Finally, I recommend you a skilled certified plastic surgeon in body contouring surgery and experienced in cases like yours where the planned operating time is less than five hours. Respectfully,
Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.- 

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
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Breast reduction, tummy tuck, liposuction

Thank you for your question.  Based on your photos and description, you do appear to be a good candidate for a breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction.  You would optimize your results if you can get your weight a bit lower.  Be sure to consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck!

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Yes, you are a great candidate for a breast reduction with lipoabdominoplasty. I recommend an in-office examination as well as a detailed discussion with a surgeon who you are comfortable with and who is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Best wishes! Dr. Desai
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Tummy tuck and breast reduction

You might want to consider losing some weight first to lower your BMI.  But, yes you look like a descent candidate for both.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast reduction and tummy tuck

You are a candidate for both surgeries. In terms of the breast reduction, it may be covered by insurance, depending on the BMI criteria. Abdominoplasty is a completely cosmetic procedure. See an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation to discuss the benefits of these procedures.Best wishes,Dr Kraft

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Breast Reduction/lift and Tummy Tuck

Thank you for your question and for posting appropriate pictures. You seem to be a good candidate for a tummy tuck and breast reduction. A special kind of tummy tuck I perform is called a Lateral Tension Abdominoplasty. This will reattach any muscles which separated during pregnancy and remove loose skin. A breast reduction/lift will reshape and lift your breasts. You will need to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon with expertise in both of these areas. 

Kevin Tehrani, MD, FACS
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