How long after breast aumentation i have to wear the bra

I had my surgery 7 months ago and i still wear my post operatory bra because the doctor told me that wearing the bra its the best option, but i know people who dont used it, so i dont know? Keep using would affect me or its fine , because i feel super guilty when i sleep without it

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7 months is a bit excessive

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Every surgeon is different in terms of how long to wait before wearing bras of your choice; i tell my patient's to wait 2 months and then they can go bra shopping.  I think 7 months post op and still wearing the same bra is a bit excessive.  Talk to your surgeon again in case you miss understood.

How long should you wear the bra after breast augmentation?

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Thank you for your question. Every surgeon will have his/her own preferences as to recovery for specific procedures. I have patients wear a soft bra after breast augmentation for a few weeks to splint everything, and at that point the scars are generally very stable and we move to normal bras (or none) and long term scar management. The best person to advise you on this is your specific surgeon. Good luck!

Breast augmentation and use of the bra

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Congrats on having the surgery.  

Every surgeon has his/her postop instructions and they vary widely.  I require the post op bra for 4 weeks.  I do believe that wearing a sports bra as much as possible beyond this time (especially to bed) helps in reducing the effect of gravity and droopiness.

Good luck with your conitued healing.

Dr. T

Post-surgical Bra Following Breast Augmentation

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Unfortunately there is no standard answer to how long you should wear a bra following surgery, nor what bra is best to wear.  Many surgeons have recommendations based on their experience and you should ask your surgeon to clarify the instructions for you.

A layer of scar called a capsule will form around your implant within approximately 6 weeks, and therefore many surgeons advocate for wearing a good, supportive bra or post-surgical garment night and day for that duration to improve your result and to help hold the implants in position while the capsule is forming.  In addition, implants take approximately three months to settle into their final resting place and for all of the swelling to resolve.  Following any breast surgery, I often tell my patients to wait three months before buying their expensive lingerie, but to wear whatever is comfortable for them from 6 weeks on.  At seven months post procedure, I would suspect you can stop wearing your post-operative bra! Good luck.

Bra wearing?

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There is no science based answer to this question.  The answer is based on the principles of each surgeon. In my opinion, a properly placed breast implant if under the muscle, will reach its final position in the bottom of the pocket in a matter of weeks. Also, after a few weeks, a sufficient capsule has formed that would disallow a bra from moving the implant much. I can only tell you what we tell our patients.  We have them wear no underwire or supportive bra for 6 weeks. We then allow them to wear the bra of their choice from then on out.  Congratulations on your surgery.

Bra and augmentation

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I usually allow patients to wear a regular bra about 6-8 weeks after surgery. Not sure why you need to wear a surgical bra for so long.

Post op care in breast augmentation

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Excellent question! Opinions differ among the plastic surgeons on this issue. I typically instruct my patients not wear underwire bras for one month following surgery. I ask them to wear an athletic or a surgical bra most of the time until then except, of course in the shower. The bottom line is, you trust your surgeon and should follow their recommendations after surgery. Good luck!

Bra use after Augmentation

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Great question! I instruct my patients to not wear a bra for several weeks after the surgery. I don't want a capsule to restrict the motion of the implants. Later, some surgeons prefer to have the implants supported. With the weight and shape/texture of some implants it is important to lend support to the soft tissues around the implant to prevent (ptosis) drooping. Please do not feel guilty sleeping without one and rest well knowing that they will look the same in the morning. I wish you well

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