What are the different levels of laser peels?

My Dr. Suggested Laser Resurfacing (Contour TRL Level 1) . (Cost $1700.) I have a lot of sun damage and wrinkles around my mouth from 20 + years of smoking. (I no longer smoke but damage is done!) Could I need a higher level?

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Laser resurfacing and end points.

The level you describe is a default setting, it can improve skin texture (brown spots) but the depth is not deep enough to remove wrinkles. You do need to go deeper for wrinkle improvement. 

See video reference below to understand the depth and recovery time follow TRL treatments using the Sciton Erbium. The resurfacing you see on the video is what I call ' free hand' - namely I watch the tissue reaction. 

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Laser Surfacing

Thank you for your question. It is great to know that you no longer smoke. You should continue to follow best practices for sun exposure. Laser resurfacing can treat facial wrinkles both fine and deep around the mouth and eyes. Please consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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