Terrible mistake recently. Really need to find a fix? Sagging skin after using tanning beds after microneedling (Photos)

I had a microneedling session at 1.5 MM. The doctor did 3 rounds. After that, I did something very stupid during my recovery. 2 days after, I had decided to go to a tanning salon. max setting, 20 minutes. I went again 3 days later, same setting. And again 3 days after that, same setting. My skin had a lot of changes due to that terrible mistake I made. I feel like my skin became saggier, and had a lot less volume. Even looks flat kinda. Is there a way to fix this? I'm very desperate here guys.

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Tanning: MicroNeedling--Sagging Skin Chin/Cheek Augmentation -- Fillers such as Radiesse, Voluma, Perlane/Fat/Implant, Sculptra

I would consult an expert for a formal consultation. In addition to sunscreen and good skincare: chin and cheeks are best augmented with a combination of fillers such as sculptra deeply and radiesse, voluma, or restylane lyft on top. Best, Dr. Emer

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Tanning Beds after Microneedling

Tanning beds are terrible for your skin and promote  aging. Tanning after microneedling is not advisable because your skin is already in a fragile, recovering state. At this point I would continue to moisturize, wear sunblock, and return to your physician in 4 to 6 weeks for your next treatment. Stay out of the sun/tanning beds and wear sunscreen at all times to help your skin try to repair. I would recommend stopping in your physician's office and picking up high quality skin care to accelerate the recovery process.

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