I am 24 and single, should I get a vaginoplasty?

Lately I am not having any sexual pleasure at all.Even the last two men I had intercourse with experienced the same thing.So far I had sex with 14 men.in addition I have enlarged labia lips and its uncomfortable sometimes to wear panties.I am doing kegal exercise on weekly basis didnt help that much.

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Large Labia and Sexual Disatisfaction - Options

you will need to be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon or gynecologist with experience in these issues. There are several options ranging from surgery such as  labiaplasty and vaginoplasty as well as nonsurgical options such as ThermiVa. These surgeries are best performed by carefully selected Plastic Surgeons or Gynecologists. As these are not a very common procedures it is important that you choose a specialist who has significant experience in these procedures.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation From The Inside Out

sounds like you are an excellent candidate for ThermiVa, a non-surgical treatment
which uses radio-frequency technology to tighten the external genitalia (labia
majora and labia minora) as well as tighten the internal vaginal wall.The treatment involves having a probe passed across
the tissue of the external and internal vaginal area that delivers a very
comfortable amount of warm energy which immediately causes the tissues to
contract and to tighten.Most patients will notice
a significant improvement vaginal appearance and ability to orgasm after just
one treatment.ThemiVa has a very high patient satisfaction
rate and patients are even permitted to resume sexual activity the same day as
their treatment.

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Lack of sexual pleasure. Labiaplasty

Achieving sexual pleasure is a complicated  which has been studied and written about extensively.  It usually has little to do with the size of the vagina or penis unless these are abnormally large or small. Radiofrequency devices and Lasers can only mildly tighten the vaginal lining and not the muscles which are responsible for the size of the vagina and opening.
Labiaplasty is most commonly performed for women that have normal labia. Labia come in various shapes and sizes; this variation is part of their beauty. Discomfort during activities due to the size of the labia is a more practical indication for performing labiaplasty. Reduction of the labia rather than amputation is the goal of this surgery. Hood and clitoral reduction are more risky as it involves cutting tissues close to the clitoris; this may highten or decrease clitoral sensitivity. Imbalances between the labia minora and majora can make the minora appear larger or more prominant. This can be improved with fat injection augmentation to the labia majora. Many women are dissastisfied with labiaplasty because although surgery can improve appearance and self esteem it does not bring happiness. After all who really looks at the labia but a woman herself? If a man has issues with the appearance a woman's labia there are underlying undisclosed issues which should be bought to light. This is why it is best if most women who undergo labia reduction undergo psychological evaluation prior to undergoing the operation. There are various techniques to perform labiaplasty; this means that there is no one superior technique. Properly performed surgery will usually accomplish satisfactory results using full anesthesia or mild sedation depending on the patient's preference. Prices can vary between $2000-$6000 depending on the pricing of the surgeon and the cost of the anesthesia.
Please consult with an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon prior to making treatment decisions.

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Vaginoplasty for a 24 year old

These are always tougher questions since there can be so many factors playing a role in this situation.  First of all, I want to congratulate you for taking the initiative to even pose your question.  Second, I am also assuming you do not have children and therefore have not delivered vaginally.   
First and foremost, I want to address: that sexual gratification is in large part due to how you feel internally and emotionally.  You should really pay attention to yourself and decide how much of a factor this is playing.  Second, your partner might be smaller then average and therefore friction during intercourse may not be what you are normally accustomed to,
However, if a procedure is what you desire, then I would suggest you look into non invasive or minimally invasive procedures first.  
I have had a tremendous amount of success with Femilift in our practice.  This is painless and will not affect you having children down the road.
Best of luck.

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Not much pleasure with sex, not tight, large labia- what To Do?!

Hello "Kimmy,"

I take it that you have not (yet) had child(ren)..? Boy, there are many factors in your situation that can lead to less pleasure with sexual intimacy!  Remember, the biggest sexual organ we (both men and women) possess lies between our ears! (sorry guys...). If you feel unattractive secondary to a perception of yourself/your sexual organs as unattractive, this will diminish your sexual pleasure (This reality is evidence-based; there is a robust literature, including 2 contributions from my own research group that proves this...). In this case, it is possible/probable that a surgical revision of the size/appearance of your labia can/will help your sexual inhibitions in this area, but your specific sexual function issues should be discussed.

Additionally, even though you have not born a child through your vagina, the combination of your innate vaginal size and the size of your lover(s) penis' may be such that, as you become aroused and the vagina lubricated and expands in volume, little "friction" is appreciated.

What to do?  I would suggest a careful consultation and evaluation by a well-experienced practitioner who is interested and trained in sexual medicine, is a genital plastic/cosmetic surgeon, is prepared to work with you (beyond "Kegel's") to strengthen your pelvic floor musculature, and can perform both intra-vaginal surgery as well as the less-invasive modalities of either Laser (FemiLift) or RF (ThermiVa) vaginal tightening, which can be quite effective in the minimal tightening desired in a "nullipara" (someone who has not had a child). finding the right practitioner is key, and may involve travelling...

Please feel free to click o the link below, where you will find MUCH useful information, do your homework, and...Good Luck and Success!

Michael P Goodman MD

Get Evaluated

Enlarged labia are treated with labia minora reduction labiaplasty with clitoral hood reduction as needed. If the labia are getting dragged painfully during sex, labiaplasty will improve this. Sexual pleasure issues unrelated to the labia require a thorough evaluation to see if you need vaginoplasty or something else. There's no other way to make a meaningful determination.

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