EXTREME & PAINFUL sensitivity on most of breast and nipples after BA -- HELP!!

Hi all, I'm 14 days post-op from my BA. I was a 34A previously, and I opted for 400cc silicone, round, HP implant under the muscle. I was numb for the first 5 days and couldn't even feel my finger rubbing across my skin. However on day 5 or 6 (and since then!), anything touching my breasts is unbearably painful! It's nonstop discomfort and I'm resorting to taking pain meds to help me fall asleep! Any suggestions/home remedies/OTC products I can use to alleviate this pain? Many thanks!!

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Pain after breast augmentation

Thank you for your questio Hypersensitivity of the breast is common, especially this early in the recovery period. Your surgeon may have counselled you about this, but basically what happens is that implants, especially large implants, may press against nerves, stretch them, or the once cut during surgery are hyperactive near the breast tissue leading to either increased or decreased sensitivity in breast sensation.  You did not feel the pain initially because of the swelling, and because your nerves were most likely blocked using local anesthesia. Nevertheless, the good news is that for most people, changes in sensation are temporary, and everything returns to normal. This is because your breasts will stretch to accommodate your implants, and your sensory nerves will no longer be compressed. The final results from breast augmentation can result anywhere from 3-6 months. Use your strength, and bear patience, and know that all will be well soon. Normally, the hypersensitivity you have described subsides after 2-4 weeks on its own. As always though, the future cannot be predicted, and in your case it is best to be in touch with you plastic surgeon for follow-ups and questions. Their pain management protocol should be followed, and you should discuss your concerns of hypersensitivity with them.  Ask your surgeon about gabapentin. Gabapentin can help with neuropathic pain and it may help you but it does take a few days to begin working. Hope this helps.

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Nipple sensation

The  nipples can be very sensitive early post-op. Many different things can cause this, and should be evaluated in person.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Two Weeks Post Op Pain


I recommend that you contact your Plastic Surgeon for advice on pain management. They may recommend ice, a change in prescription, adjustment to support garment, etc. At 2 weeks post op, you should hopefully note an improvement soon.

All the best

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Pain after breast augment

Pain management should be discussed with your plastic surgeon especially given NY's restrictive laws on dispensing narcotics.  The etiology for this hypersensitivity should be evaluated. To the extent that your earlier swelling guarded against pain, as it dissipates, you may have a delayed awareness, particularly with larger implants.

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Sudden Post Op Pain

If you are experiencing a large amount of post op pain, all of a sudden, it's best to contact your surgeon regarding pain relief options. Congratulations on your recent procedure and good luck in your healing!

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