Is breast pain beginning at nipple tip spreading throughout breast after nipple sutures are removed normal?

I had a mastopexy with implants two weeks ago. At 13 days I got sutures around my nipples off. The glue has slowly come off on its own. Everything seems to look okay but since sutures were removed my breasts are ultra sensitive to air to touch with kind of a stinging feeling beginning at nipple giving me a body achey (like I have a fever but temperature is only barely elevated) I am also experiencing nausea again. Nausea isn't only when I take antibiotic but more constant with achey feeling.

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Breast Pain Post Breast Augmentation

These sensations are still common within this timeframe, as you are still fairly early in your recovery time.At the same time, however, changes can be indicative of a problem, so I would encourage you to schedule a follow-up visit with your plastic surgeon to rule out infection, fluid collection, or other unexpected complication.

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Breast pain post breast

Thank you for your inquiry.At two weeks, you are still early in postoperative period and different types of sensations may still be normal.However, any changes should really be examined and followed up by a Plastic Surgeon to make sure there is no infection, no fluid collected, and so forth.But, you are still very, very early in your recovery and it is likely this will change with time.I hope this is helpful.

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Breast implants and mastopexy - nerve pain since suture removal.

Thank you for asking about your breast implants and maxtopexy.

  • You should contact your surgeon and let her/him know of this reaction.
  • Although nipple sensitivity is very common after breast surgery and usually starts about 2 weeks after surgery, your aching and fever are not normal.
  • If you are on anti-biotics, it suggests your surgeon is already concerned about infection.
  • So please see your surgeon without delay.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Breast augmentation

 This is really a very common occurrence after Breast augmentation. Don't worry the sensitivity typically will subside by six weeks.

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Pain in nipple

 It is not uncommon after breast augmentation with mastopexy to have overly sensitive nipples for some period of time early on in the postoperative period. For our patients, we asked them to use a textured washcloth to stimulate the nipple and areola while bathing This seems to desensitize the area over a few weeks.This  basically represents the nerve waking up after injury and stretch due to placement of breast implants. The nausea after antibiotics is also common and I'm wondering why you're on antibiotics almost 2 weeks after surgery. Go back to your plastic surgeon to discuss. Good luck.

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Pain and sensitivity 13 days after breast augmentation

Unfortunately, the pain and sensitivity you are describing is seen in some patients and is probably normal/expected. The nausea, after 13 days, is unusual.
I recommend you follow up with your surgeon and let him examine you if you continue to have pain or concerns.

Joel M. Stewart, Jr., MD
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