Bonding Staining? Does etching damage enamel?

I had a tiny pin prick in front bottom tooth at gum line from an accident. The dentist decided to put a composite on the area but he put it on quite a large area. He etched the area before hand 'no drilling' and I'm wondering if I remove the composite will it look the exact same before the composite was attached. Does etching damage enamel. Will this composite stain with time as I don't want to keep having it replaced due to staining and I don't want a veneer as that removes more enamel.

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Composite stain

Etching does not damage enamel. It prepare the enamel for bonding procedure but in general it does not damage the surface. Current composite materials are less likely to stain then older generations however they still will over many years just as natural enamel. But they do stain at different rate.

It is difficult to say that the tooth will look exactly the same if the composite restoration is removed. Only the dentist who placed the restoration can answer that question. 

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