Before LASIK myopia power L - 11.75 R -11.75. LASIK done, now still number left and problem in vision & night vision (Photo)

Before lasik number L - 11.75 and R -11.75.done lasik and after 21 days I am still not having clear vision. My surgeon saying it will take 6 months to have very clear vision He gave reason that i have high myopia and that why recovery will be late. I took another ophthalmologist opinion and he said after surgery the number have remained and it has not corrected properly. He told wait 3 months and wear glasses for timebeing for the porblem caused. Pls advise what to do

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Vision correction

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Your prescription prior to LASIK is high and therefore it may take your eyes longer to fully heal.  Your surgeon is correct in saying that it may take up to six months for your eyes to fully heal and for vision to stabilize.  It is possible that since your prescription was so high, you still have some residual prescription left over.  Your surgeon may consider an enhancement at around four to six months.  In the meantime if your vision is very blurry, you can consider wearing glasses.

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