How bad are the marks or scars of the micro blades ?

When preparing the receipient area for graft transplant, the doctors are making holes in the skin, at the end some holes are left empty. So this will give marks at the skin in case of shaving. So post surgery the skin surface are full of pumps and holes. Can those markes or holes be healed with time if they are done by micro blading? I m planning for shaving after years if i become norwood 6 or 7. So how the skin surface will be at that time ?

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Marks on the head after hair transplants

I am not sure what you are describing, but if there are unfilled transplant recipient areas that have left a mark, that would reflect a larger instrument that what we use which usually will not leave any mark at all. IF you are thinking that you will become a Class 6 or 7 patient, you should consider scalp micropigmentation.  See videos and photos on the web reference below

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Recipient sites - do they show scars?

Dear houssam23

Thanks for the question. The recipient sites don't heal up with holes. They close up and heal without appearance of a hole.

When I explain this concept to my own patients I use the analogy of getting your blood taken when you get blood tests or when you get an intravenous put in at the hospital. These needles are much bigger than what we use in hair transplantation - 16 gauge, 18 gauge or 19 gauge. When you look at your arm months later (at the spot where you had the needle) , you don't see any evidence of the hole where the blood was taken from. 

The same is true for the scalp. These little holes are even smaller and heal without evidence of the little holes. 

I hope this helps.

Any cut on your skin will leave a scar. How visible these scars are depend on how your body heals.

Any cut on your skin will leave a scar. How visible these scars are depend on how your body heals.  If your body is prone to scarring, then even "micro-blades" can leave "bumps" and scars.

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Scalp healing

what you are describing may not be as a result of blades. You need to contact your doctor and get his advise. 

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